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WordPress Design

The sites we design using WordPress tick all the boxes – they look stunning, they work efficiently and they deliver results.

When it comes to designing websites Stovin work on the basis that your online presence is more than merely a very important part of your wider business. From the point of view of prospective customers, especially those arriving at your site via a search engine, your website, to all intents and purposes, is your business. It has to act as your brand identification, advertising presence, shop floor, catalogue, customer service centre and checkout, and it has to do all of this quickly and efficiently.

We use WordPress to create websites which are unique, user-friendly and representative, capturing the ethos and ‘personality’ of your business and expressing it in an accessible and effective manner.

Effective Design

All too often, website designers can lose sight of the primary aim of their job, and concentrate instead on expressing their own technical and aesthetic abilities. Stovin never forget, however, the fact that your website can’t truly be considered beautiful unless it is also effective, and that means attracting visitors, retaining visitors, and converting them to customers. The WordPress websites which we design never lose sight of this ultimate aim, nor of the fact that our business, just as much as yours, is driven by results.

Responsive Design

The days when most visitors to your site arrived via a desktop or laptop PC are now long gone. The majority of internet traffic now takes place via handheld devices such as androids, smartphones and tablets. We create websites which adapt to this changed environment, looking just as good and working just as well no matter how they are accessed. Our overview of the industry as a whole, allied to our knowledge of just how much flexibility it is possible to build in to WordPress websites, means that we are perfectly placed to cope with the other changes which are looming over the horizon.


The average visitor to your website simply doesn’t care how brilliantly designed it is, nor how clever the use of technology is. All they truly care about is how easy or not it is to track down what they need and, if necessary, to make a purchase. We create WordPress websites which grab and hold the attention and then guide the visitor through the site in as seamless and efficient a manner as possible. Technology such as CSS3 and HTML5 will be used sparingly but effectively, and the end result is a site which promises a lot, and then delivers more.