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WordPress Hosting

We understand that the hosting provided for your site is every bit as important as the design and build of the site itself.

Adapt your WordPress site

At Stovin, our dedicated WordPress hosting provides the strongest possible foundation upon which to build the rest of your online presence. The sites we host are secure, robust and highly functional, allowing for data to be transferred quickly and easily. All of this means that your WordPress website is ideally placed to adapt and grow as the needs of your business change, becoming as big, fast and multi-faceted as you need it to.

Total Security

We know that no matter how important issues such as the look of your site, its ease of use and the effectiveness of your SEO policy are, they all pale into insignificance when compared to the security of your site. All of the plugins, responsiveness, ease of use and effective branding will count for nothing if you’re the victim of a damaging and malicious hack. We care about the security of your site every bit as much as you do, and monitor any attempted attacks in order to be ready for attempts which might take place in the future. We’ll monitor, repair and protect your site, so you can concentrate on running your business to maximum effect.

Hosting Support

The key to our approach to hosting your WordPress website lies in providing stability 100% of the time. If you need an update, either to a new version of WordPress or a newly released plugin, we’ll provide it, and we back up on a daily basis in order to provide the security of a safety net. In short, we worry about stability so that you don’t have to, except we don’t really worry about it, because it’s simply what we do.


Every WordPress site we launch is ready to work with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), meaning response times are as fast as possible as soon as your site goes online. The hosting we offer ensures that this remains the case going forward, no matter how much bigger your business becomes, or what changes you opt to make.