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We’ll maximise the impact of WordPress by utilising the best plugins available. And if the perfect plugin isn’t out there, we’ll create it for you.

One of the main advantages of WordPress is the fact that, as a content management system (CMS) it boasts a huge degree of flexibility. This means that the individual websites Stovin create using WordPress can be crafted in order to be genuinely bespoke and unique, and it also offers a valuable option moving forward, allowing your website to grow, change and adapt as the rest of your business does.

A large part of this flexibility is based upon the huge number of plugins which are available for WordPress. It’s possible to choose from over 30,000 plugins, a number which is rising all the time. Whilst this number offers a huge amount of choice, it can also be somewhat daunting, making the task of staying on top of what’s available seem all but impossible. The good news is that we monitor the plugins available, making it our business to remain completely up to date with the latest offerings. We’ll recommend the best plugins for your site, source them and then install them, in a manner which will maximise the impact and convenience whilst avoiding any disruption.


We can integrate any off-line systems or items of software which you have which you feel could offer a useful addition to your website. Our experience in software development enables us to establish these integrations in a seamless and efficient manner, creating a WordPress site which genuinely takes advantage of everything which you have to offer.

Bespoke Plugin Design

Despite the large number of plugins which are available, it can sometimes be difficult, if not impossible, to track down the plugin which exactly meets your requirements. As part of our determination to give all of our clients a bespoke website which genuinely captures the unique nature of their business, Stovin will create the plugin you need from scratch, designing and building it in a manner which meets your requirements and does so with both style and functionality.

Plugin Quality Control

We keep a careful and comprehensive record of the plugins which are available, ensuring that we always know which are of the highest quality. By monitoring aspects such as security, stability and functionality, we ensure that the plugins we recommend and install for our clients are of the same seamlessly high standard as everything else we do.