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WordPress Security

If you suffer the bad luck of having your site hacked we can repair it and take the steps needed to make sure it never gets hacked again.

WordPress Security

The mass appeal and widespread use of WordPress has helped it to become one of the most secure platforms in the world. The fact that it is so widely used across a global community means that it is constantly being updated, adapted and improved to cope with ever more threatening security risks. Despite this status, however, accessing our expertise and experience when designing and launching your WordPress website will offer security and a respite from the ever-present threat of hacking which you won’t be able to achieve simply by hosting your own site. Here at Stovin, we’ve used WordPress on so many occasions that we know it from top to bottom and inside out, and that includes an understanding of its strengths and vulnerabilities, and an ability to create a truly secure framework.

Curated Plugins

Using plugins can help to adapt and expand your website, and add the extra functionality required as your business changes and grows. If not chosen and utilised correctly, however, they can inadvertently provide hackers with a ‘back door’ into your site. Ask Stovin to source your plugin, however, and we’ll be choosing from a carefully compiled list of plugins which we know are stable and secure.

Secure WordPress Hosting

Bespoke WordPress hosting is the foundation required for a genuinely secure website. The hosting we offer at Stovin has been designed specifically to handle WordPress sites and thus offers a hosting environment which is 100% secure. A combination of firewall, scanning and monitoring will offer you security and confidence both now and moving into the future.

Security Knowhow

During the years we’ve been working with WordPress we’ve got to know the system pretty well. This means that we pull together factors such as the coding, the hosting, the use of carefully selected plugins and the monitoring of aspects which have been shown to be vulnerable, in order to create a site which is as safe from hacking as it is possible to be.