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WordPress Support

If things go wrong, or you have any kind of problem with your site, we can provide the help, support and advice you need, drawing on years of experience and a solid foundation of expertise.

During the time our various experts have devoted to developing and designing WordPress websites, they’ve come to know the system just about as well as its possible to know it. If you have a question, it’s likely that we’ve heard it before. If you’ve got a problem we’ve already solved it before and if you need some help you’ve come to exactly the right place. The Stovin support service offers expert but accessible advice which is always aimed at getting your site back up and running seamlessly as quickly as possible.

Working with You

Although we are the experts when it comes to WordPress, we recognise that you have all the expertise when it comes to knowing exactly how your business works, precisely what features your online presence calls for and the details of any problems you might be experiencing. We make a point of providing support and advice in a manner which is both accessible and transparent, allowing you to retain a firm sense of control over your site at the same time as dealing with any problems you might be having.


We understand that, even with a system as stable and functional as WordPress, there’s still no predicting exactly when and how things might go wrong. That’s why we make it easy to contact our support team via phone, email or our website, and why we guarantee to respond in line with the timescale agreed when you took out your contract with us.

Not a Stovins client?

We find it hard to understand why anyone would want to use an agency other than Stovin, but if you had your site created by someone else and things go wrong, we’re still willing to offer help. Let us know exactly what kind of problems you’re having and give us access to your WordPress site and we’ll set about bringing it up to the kind of standard you can always expect when dealing with Stovin.