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WordPress Themes

Your website has to capture the essence of who you are and what makes your offering unique. We create WordPress themes which are bespoke and as individual as our clients.

The themes offered by WordPress allow Stovin to build a framework which is both robust and flexible. As your business changes and grows over the years, so you will find it simple to update and alter your website, with the technology of WordPress making it easy for you to take total control. We also recognise that empowering our clients in this manner means offering the maximum support possible, so the team at Stovin will always be on hand to deal with any problems and answer any questions.

Integrating Plugins

Although we pride ourselves in being able to track down the perfect plugin for any of our clients, you may already have found the plugin which exactly meets your needs, and are having problems with integrating it into your WordPress design. We’ll take the plugin and integrate it for you, ensuring complete functionality and avoiding the problems which can arise if someone who is not an expert attempts the task. Stovin understand that the sooner the plugin is up and running on your site, the sooner it will be playing its part in driving traffic and ecommerce.

Support for Themes

You may have made the mistake of going to an agency which wasn’t expert in the use of WordPress, and are now having problems with the bespoke design they produced for you. Not every agency works as closely with their clients as we do at Stovin, but we won’t hold your initial choice against you. We’ve seen WordPress themes of every type and form over the years, and will support you and manage the process as you get to grips with your site.

WordPress Themes

There are many thousands of existing WordPress themes available, and finding the one which fits your business perfectly can be a difficult and time consuming process. Our experience of working with the system will enable us to locate the theme which is a perfect fit and then set it up, configure it and manage it on your behalf. In simple terms, our expertise will provide a speedy and efficient shortcut between your offline business and the creation of an effective online presence. We concentrate on what we do best, leaving you to do the same, and the result of this partnership is an online presence which delivers results across the board.