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Business class escorts – My Escorts are my sales team


Business class escorts – My Escorts are my sales team

I don’t have a sales team but I aim to have my escorts bring in leads while networking on the appointments. Hopefully they will bring in digital work such as web design or SEO. As a business class escort our Doncaster escorts can provide that marketing consultancy advice while cuddling up to you. Not only can you have fun with our escorts you can gain valuable business advice to which can make it tax deductible. That’s why business class escorts are better than regular escorts as they have taxable benefits. As long as you are spending the escorts time on business and not on personal activities such as the theater or cinema you should be OK to class it as a business expense.

Earn a sales commission as an business class escort

As one of our business class escorts your earning potential is unlimited. We pay our escorts 10% sales commission on Web design and SEO projects.

100% business class escorts

We only recruit business class escorts at Stovin’s. We cater for businesses and as business expands we might have to become VAT registered and being a business escorts means you can claim this VAT back as a business transaction.


My business class escorts are trained to advise you in the follow areas.

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Web design
  • Branding
  • Social media

You can spend an evening going through marketing Strategies while relaxing and enjoying their company.