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Business class escorts

Business Class Escorts

A professional business class escort service serving Yorkshire.

Entering a business environment alone can feel like a lonely and soulless experience for many, this can have a negative effect on both confidence and how much you’ll gain from the situation. Typically, when you’re at a business event or occasion it’s in an unfamiliar setting with complete strangers. Many business professionals reveal that when they share the experience, they feel more confident, more engaged and enjoy themselves so much more. This is incredibly important if business plays a big part of your life.

So, what is the solution to make business events and occasions in Yorkshire more enjoyable and less lonely?Business class escorts of course. You might be surprised just how many other professionals are using a service just like this one.
Our escorts are discreet, respectful and know how to act in a professional setting – making them the perfect companion to accompany you to events. It’s no secret that taking a beautiful woman to events typically dominated by men leaves a lasting impression, oozes confidence and builds a picture of success without even having to say anything. Many professionals have been using this ‘advantage’ for years, don’t miss out on a trick!


How can our business class escorts help you?


Our business class escorts are well versed to work in a variety of business environments so they can be called upon in many situations. Their aim is to keep you company, raise your profile and make sure that you make the most out of every opportunity.


Our business class escorts work well as:

Personal assistants

Do you need a personal assistant to accompany you for the day in Yorkshire? Like to mix your business and pleasure? Our escorts are the perfect solution to keep your day organised, so you’ve got more time to have fun once you are off the clock.



Yorkshire is a great place to do business and with that comes many networking opportunities. It can be daunting going to a networking event alone (especially when you don’t know anyone who will be attending) so why not break the ice by being accompanied by one of our experienced business class escorts.



Don’t go it alone – our business class escorts are the perfect company for exhibitions!



Need a model that really looks the part? Our beautiful business class escorts all have model potential and are waiting to be shown off at your chosen business event.

Dating escorts

All of our models are available for dating and you can take them out to the cinema, shopping and for meals etc.