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Content Marketing Doncaster

Content Marketing Doncaster

When you work with us you work with people who act as genuine partners throughout the entire process, joining with you to fully understand who you are, what you do, and how that message can be conveyed to the wider world. And how is that message conveyed? Via content.

Content is what you say, how you say it and the message it conveys to people who may be interested in becoming customers. Getting them interested is the first thing your content has to do. Then it has to maintain that interest. Then it has to turn that interest into positive action in the form of a transaction. We’re experts at producing compelling, relevant and finely honed content, and then at targeting it in just the right places to draw in the audience you’re looking for.

Identifying the market

The start of the process consists of breaking down exactly what it is you want to do and who it is you want to do it for. Who is your target customer, where can they be found and how can they be reached? The content we produce is your calling card to the wider world, introducing you, your brand and the offer you’re making. That’s why your content has to be:


If your content is saying the same thing that can be found at a thousand other sites and places, then nobody’s going to make it beyond the first paragraph. And the content we send out on behalf of your business has to be every bit as distinctive as the rest of that business, establishing exactly what it is that makes you different from everyone else. That’s why we take the time to find out exactly what that difference consists of, and when we know what it is, we turn it into content.


Getting the right content in the right place is all about establishing a relationship with the people you want to do business with. One of the ways you do this is by helping them. And a quick, effective and inexpensive way of helping people who may not even have done business with you yet is by providing them with content that does a job. Content that answers a question. Content that provides a solution, offers advice or simply floats some new and useful ideas. Provide your target market with content that’s relevant and you’re already well on the way to them trusting you with their business.


Excellence sounds like a given, but take a while to read through some of the content that’s out there on the web and you’ll soon realise there’s no way it can be taken for granted. All too often it’s an afterthought, a blog post produced because it’s just something you feel you have to do, and as a consequence it’s poorly written, badly produced and, above all, dull. If your content creates a bad first impression, that’s probably all the impression you’re ever going to be allowed. Spelling, grammar, tone and voice all have to be of the highest possible standard.

Creating the content

Once we’ve pinned down the exact nature of the people you want to speak to, we’ll use our experience and knowledge of the marketplace to devise a strategy. What would best speak to the people you wish to reach? A weekly blog? A video tutorial? Regular social media updates? A targeted marketing email?

The answer is probably going to be a mix of all of this and more – a brief which pulls together the various platforms and types of content, and does so in a manner which ensures that everything which goes out in your name shares the same voice, tone and personality.


The line between content marketing and search engine optimisation is becoming increasingly blurred, as search engines like Google base their rankings more and more on quality content and less on clumsily applied keywords. Keywords still matter, of course, but they have to be utilised in the service of expertly produced content that ticks all the boxes we’ve already mentioned. The right content will first draw people to your site, then make them stay to explore, before finally convincing them that yours is an online presence and business worth interacting with.

Social Media

A social presence is an integral part of any content marketing strategy, allowing you to create a consistent voice, to react quickly to events and opportunities and to open up a two way conversation with your target audience. Putting it in the hands of experts will ensure this consistency, as well as leaving you free to simply get on with running your business, while we get on with talking to the wider world on your behalf.

Email marketing

In the wake of social media and the advent (seemingly) of a revolutionary platform every other day or so, the concept of email marketing may strike some people as seeming somewhat quaint and old fashioned. It’s this which, with the right content and for the right business, can be turned to your advantage. The very fact that email messages might now rather staid lends them a solidity which will appeal more to certain markets who may find some social media rather shrill and invasive. As ever, it’s a question of getting the content right – achieve that, and the rest will follow.

Full service provision

We’ll design and build your website, we’ll write regular blogs and we’ll post guest blogs on places where you need to be seen. We’ll handle your social media commitments and we’ll produce any physical literature you decide you need. By working from a carefully designed brief and focusing purely on the issue of content, we’ll make sure that everything which goes out on your behalf is something you’ll be pleased and proud to have your business associated with. Even more importantly, it will be content which pulls in income and drives results.