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Doncaster Marketing Agency

Doncaster Marketing Agency

Stovin is a Doncaster marketing agency that works in a different way in order to deliver marketing

solutions which are effective, tailored and affordable. The single word ‘marketing’ now covers so

many disciplines, ways of working and lines of communication that it can become a little difficult to

keep a firm handle on, especially if it’s not your field of expertise.

We like to keep things simple. We see the art of marketing as being the art of taking who you are,

turning that into a cohesive brand image, and getting that brand image seen, understood and talked

about. Delivering that fairly straightforward concept, of course, involves working across a range of

disciplines and with a vast number of tools, making sure that the voice we create for you is one that

you recognise, and that other people will want to listen to. You can let us worry about the details,

however, because that’s what we do. Except we don’t really worry, because we know we’ve got

what it takes.


A quick word about how we work. We don’t have a head office. That means we don’t have a

designer reception area with a receptionist who’ll ask if you’d like tea or coffee. Other things we

don’t have include overheads like rent and heating bills, which means that you don’t have to pay for

them. What we do have is a team of experts who work from home, offering flexibility, a 24/7 service

and expertise delivered when you need it at a reasonable cost.

How again?

That’s one ‘how’. The other how is how we work with our clients. We get to know them. Know them

very well. Many people hesitate before hiring a marketing agency, worrying that no outsider is ever

going to know the ins and outs of their business as well as they do. And they’re right. Which is why

we take the time to learn, to ask and to understand, in order to build up the fullest possible picture

of who you are, what you do and how you do it. And, most importantly, what makes you different.

During the time that we’re working on your marketing, we become a part of your business. We’re

not simply an outside agency crafting an image for you to try on, we’re you, but you with the ability

and experience to know exactly how to market yourself. After years of doing what you do, you may

well have forgotten what makes you great. We’ll remind you, and the rest of the world.


Your branding is about how the world sees you. It’s there in the design of your logo, in the look of

your website and in the content of your advertising. Branding creates that first impression, and is

increasingly about crafting a conversation between you and your customers. We know how to create

the right brand, and then what cannels to transmit it across in order to create relationships with

your target market. Your branding should let your customers know that when they have a question,

you’ll provide the answer.


Design is a huge part of branding, and is the aspect which is probably the most difficult to pin down.

What makes a colour ‘right’ for one business but not another? Why is one client all angles and

spikes, while the other is curls? The only right answer is that you know when you see it, and we

know when we produce it, because we do it time and time again.


It’s not just about the content of your advertising, which you can trust us with every time, it’s about

how to target it correctly. The classic methods, TV, radio and print advertising, still have their place,

but are rapidly being superseded by social media and platforms such as email marketing which are

far easier to target directly. The positive aspect of this is that it makes it much easier to reach the

people you absolutely need to be talking to, but the negative is that it’s a landscape which is

constantly changing and evolving. Luckily for our clients, we always stay one step ahead of those

changes, so we’ll know not just what to say, but who to say it to and how to reach them.

Digital marketing

On one level this simply means designing, building and supporting a superbly effective website, and

we do that to the highest standard. It also means, however, pulling together a coherent strategy to

work across all of your digital content. This means the blog posts you use to drive traffic to your site,

the tweets you send out to customers, the Facebook updates you post when there’s a new product

due to be launched and perhaps the YouTube videos you produce. The content will vary from client

to client, but the intention won’t – it will be to make every part of your digital content just a small

piece of a bigger picture.

Social Media

Social media is marketing in real time. It’s a way on interacting with your customers that can

genuinely make them feel part of the conversation, and it’s reactive in a way that older media can’t

hope to match. We understand social media, and how you can use it to reach out to the people

whose trust you need to foster.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about getting seen. It’s about crafting content which will

drive your webpage up to the top of Google rankings. It used to be a question of packing your site

and copy with certain keywords and letting the algorithms do the rest, but the algorithms changed

and the content had to get better. We understand SEO and we understand the way in which it’s

changing. We’ll produce content that appeals to search engines and takes note of the changing

nature of the technological landscape, as voice recognition searches start to wreak havoc with

traditional SEO strategies.


The words you use are vitally important. They have the power to convince people that you can be

trusted or, if you get it wrong, the ability to destroy the chance of opening the lines of

communication. Our copywriters will know exactly which words to use to get your message across,

and how to tailor that message to work on different platforms. From emails to blog posts, from

newsletters to your homepage, we’ll make very word count and every sentence talk in the same