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Doncaster WordPress Web Designers

Doncaster WordPress Web Designers

We have been mainly working with wordpress now for the last five years, previous to this we would design websites to run on our bespoke .net CMS. We find wordpress to be a very powerful CMS that has lots of plugins that add features to your website. Also another benefit to wordpress is that there is lots of customizable themes that cut down development time for websites which means we can produce cheaper websites. Due to the nature of the business operating with just myself and my small team I don’t seem to attract larger projects and seem to attract the smaller clients such as sole traders or startups. I don’t mind servicing this sector but it wasn’t what I had in mind for my marketing agency ten years into it.

I have cheap website packages that come with hosting, domain renewal, maintenance and SEO from £500 setup plus £80 per month. But if you wanted to you could save money by hosting and doing the SEO yourself.

WordPress makes doing SEO yourself easier and there are many SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO to help.

Doncaster wordpress agency

We are a Doncaster wordpress agency I work from home and my team from a local office in Doncaster. I usually hold client meetings at a local cafe. I don’t drive so I can’t commute to meetings at your premises. Although we are a Doncaster wordpress agency it doesn’t mean we can’t work with clients worldwide. We are ideally suited to work with all the Yorkshire nearby cities such as Leeds and Sheffield.