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Recruiting Yorkshire escorts


Recruiting Yorkshire escorts

Recruiting Yorkshire escorts

I am looking for attractive girls to work as business class escorts and travel companion escorts that want a bright future in advertising and will help in my marketing agency.  

Lee Stovin


I am looking for escorts with the following attributes:

  • Aged 18 to 30
  • Have good speaking and written english
  • Have their own transport.
  • Are confident but not arrogant
  • You must hold either an EU passport or a valid visa if outside EU enabling them to work either part-time or full-time in the UK.
  • Legally able to work in the UK.


As well as you working as an escort you will be required to get involved in learning marketing.

To become a well knowledgeable business class escort you will be learning the world of marketing involving web design, SEO, AdWords, Bing ads, Social media and email marketing. This will give you a topic of conversation to talk about with your meetings with clients.

Sales commission

As a business class escort I would like for you to try and sell our advertising services such as web design to our clients as part of your consultation. As a reward we will pay you a 10% commission.

Travel companions


As part of our escort services we offer travel companion services. So you will be expected to go travelling with our clients on holiday world wide so you will need a valid passport. The managing director Lee also goes travel blogging as part of his SEO strategy and will require for you to go travelling with him from time to time and do model shoots.


Doncaster escort agency

The agency and where you will be working from is in Doncaster and the majority of your outcall bookings will be in Doncaster but be prepared to travel further from time to time. Please note as a self employed escort you can claim your transport costs against tax.

Self employed position

This role is a self employed position so you will be responsible for paying your own tax. We don’t allow you to do work outside the agency on other directories or agencies as we see this as a conflict of interest. We would also want you to get involved with the marketing side of the business.

How much can I earn being an escort? 

Being an escort that also offers marketing services can be very profitable with your earnings going up as you build up your regulars. Getting your first few bookings is slow at first but then it quickly builds up over time. But it all depends on you. The more a client likes spending time with you the more he will see you and take you out etc. That’s why it’s very important that I only select the finest girls for my agency and as my girlfriends.

Business class escorts get an education

As one of our escorts you will be train up in the areas of marketing including web design, SEO and Pay per click to give you something of business to talk about or help out with on your bookings. You will be shown how to make a website and get to run and practice SEO and digital marketing on your own website.

Butterfly girls

As part of our branding you will be known as a butterfly girl and will have certain expenses covered including some butterfly tattoos,  butterfly dresses, etc

Web cam


In quite times it’s possible for our escorts to do web cam chats and web cam modelling online as this brings in an additional income stream.

Doncaster escorts.

To apply to this agency and be one of my butterfly companions please email a cv and model photography portfolio to leestovin@gmail.com