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How to do link building

How to do link building

Link building is one of the hardest aspects of SEO if done within the rules. Buying links through guest blog posts is easy but can get you penalised by Google if detected.

How to build links?

When building links you want them to come from websites that are relevant to your subject so you should do a search for keywords that people would search for to want to find your site. Then search through the results for the easiest places to place a link these can be forums or directories. Then search for blogs and reach out to web masters usually by email to see if you can write a guest post with a link.

Link building is hard

Link building is hard so don’t expect to get many links through link building if done naturally. I maybe acquire one or two links a year this way. Most of my links come naturally from sites linking to me and that’s called link earning.

Building microsites for links

You can always build microsites that target niche keywords that don’t fit within your main brand then link back to your main site in a blog post. Microsites are good ways to get more exposure to your brand, products or services.


Check competitors backlink profile

You can find possible places to get links by looking at competitors back link profile using online tools such as one from moz.

Let Stovin do your link building

Link building can take up a lot of your time but if you outsource to us it can be relatively inexpensive. Give us a call on 07796617570 to discuss your budget and goals.