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Our ecommerce designs are crafted and built to do two things – look stunning and deliver commercial outcomes.


Your Magento 2 website will be much more than simply an online version of your offline business, it will be a business in its own right. For most of the prospective customers finding you online, this will be their first glimpse of your brand, your offering and your ethos. We’ll work closely with you to make sure we capture exactly what it is that makes your business unique, and express this in the form of a bespoke Magento 2 site which is as effective as it is appealing. Whatever your vision is, we’ll use everything we know about Magento 2 to turn it into a reality.

Customer Experience

There are three vitally important parties involved when Stovin sit down to create a Magento 2 website. There is the client, hoping to tap into our wide ranging experience of providing effective ecommerce solutions. There are our experts, using everything they know to transform the clients’ needs and wishes into a seamlessly functioning site.

And then there is the customer, the most vital person of all and yet the part of the equation which is all too often forgotten. Whilst concentrating on clever design themes and striking branding, it is vital to constantly ask yourself exactly how a first time visitor will react to the site. Will this prospective customer be encouraged to stay? Will they find it easy to travel through the site? Are there any obstacles to them completing a transaction? We know how vital the right answers to these questions are, because we recognise that any work we do is only as good as the results you achieve.


We’ll liaise with you to design and create a Magento 2 theme which is exactly right for your business. The resulting sight will look fresh and appealing, and will capture the essence of the kind of business you are. We understand that first impressions are vital, particularly in the instant access landscape of the internet, so we ensure that your site creates the best possible impression, and then more than lives up to it.


The internet is quickly becoming a place accessed largely via mobile devices. Whether they’re using a tablet, smartphone or android, the chances are that very few of the people visiting your site are doing so via a desktop or laptop. That’s why we ensure that all our Magento 2 sites are fully responsive – looking great and performing well no matter how they are accessed.