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We’ve built up a hard earned expertise in Magento 2 website development. We can utilise bespoke applications and third party integrations to create a genuinely unique online experience.


Whilst a developer with a reasonable degree of generalised knowledge could be expected to provide advice and support for most systems, the specialised nature of Magento 2 means that you need to have it dealt with by someone who has studied it in depth and built up a wealth of experience. Taking a chance on trusting your site to someone without the kind of expertise Stovin can bring to the table could cause expensive and damaging problems further down the line.

Our Magento 2 Experts

The Magento 2 experts at Stovin have years of experience working with both the framework itself and with tools such as PHP and MVC. The fact they we have worked across so many different areas means we are extremely well versed in bringing the disparate elements together to form a seamless and smoothly functioning Magento 2 whole.


Although we’re the experts on Magento 2, and the other building blocks used to create your website, you’re the expert when it comes to the business you run, what you offer to your customers and what you wish to convey to people discovering your site online. That’s why we work with you rather than for you, forming a partnership aimed at producing the best possible results, and always keeping you fully up to speed with exactly what you’re doing. We’ll explain the construction, design and operation of your site in accessible terms which help to place you firmly in the driving seat.

Day to Day

At Stovin, we don’t think our job is finished when we’ve finished building your Magento 2 site. On the contrary, we’ll carry on supporting you, working by your side and making sure that the system being rolled out is achieving the maximum performance. Talk to our Magento 2 Development team and find out how we view your success as being part and parcel of our success.