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If you need Magento 2 extensions we can source, install and configure them, or develop bespoke versions from scratch.


A basic Magento 2 site will function perfectly well as an ecommerce website, but we know from experience that it can be so much more than just this. We’ll work with you to choose and then apply extensions which will either improve the existing functionality of your site or add extra functions.


The choice of extensions you choose to add to your site depends upon the nature of your business and the online experience you wish to create. You might want to add multi-channel support, provide access to a gallery or enrich content with the addition of a blog. No matter what direction you wish to go in, the experts at Stovin will know all about the relevant Magento 2 extensions, and will be equally well versed in integrating these extensions within the framework of your site.


You may have an idea for an extension which isn’t already out there yet, or might wish to utilise an existing system to enrich the function and content of your Magento 2 site. No matter what your requirements are, we’ll create a bespoke extension which works with your site. Simply provide us with the data, and the experts at Stovin will utilise it in a manner which deepens and strengthens the experience of visiting your site.

How We Work

We’ll guide you toward the right extensions, using a combination of our knowledge of what’s out there and what works, and your understanding of the direction you want to take your Magento 2 site in. We’ll then design the extension, develop it, install and configure it, as well as running tests to ensure it works with your site. By working with us, you’ll be making sure that installing an extension doesn’t run the risk of creating problems and leading to valuable time lost offline.