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Dedicated hosting for your Magento 2 site works in a manner which is powerful, speedy and can be scaled up to match your business.


Hosting your site is every bit as important to the overall results as the initial design and build. Get it wrong, and all the work that’s gone into crafting your Magento 2 site could fail to achieve the desired commercial results. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen by handling the hosting on your behalf. Nobody will know your site better than we do by the time we’ve finished building it, and we’ll know precisely what specifications and configuration are needed to host it efficiently. For total peace of mind, add our Magento 2 Support to the package and you’ll be able to call on us if anything ever goes wrong.


Security is all important when running an ecommerce site and handling peoples payment details, so we make sure that all of our Magento 2 sites are hosted by a server which boasts industry standard security. If there are any problems, we’ll make sure your site is back up and running with only the minimum of time offline.

Built For Speed

Whilst it’s possible to utilise other hosting, the advantage of coming to Stovin and having your Magento 2 site hosted by experts can be summed up in one word: speed. The faster your ecommerce store can run, the better the customer experience will be and the more money people will feel moved to spend on your products.

Every (Mili)second Counts

Every millisecond of improvement to the speed at which your site operates will add to your chances of making a sale. Multiply this up through the number of visitors you’re hoping to receive per day, week and year, and it’s clear that settling for an off the peg solution rather than a bespoke Magento 2 site and hosting is the very definitions of a false economy.