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The flexibility of Magento 2 creates an ecommerce platform capable of growing and changing as your business does. Seamless integration with systems like Ebay, Amazon, Sage and SAP forges limitless adaptability.

Full Service Solutions

The true beauty of Magento 2 is that, when integrated with other systems, it can provide a full service ecommerce solution for your business. By utilising third party applications and systems such as SAP and Sage, we’ll be able to create a Magento 2 site which is capable of handling ordering, dispatch and delivery, and doing so in a user friendly, seamless manner. We’re well versed in integrating Magento 2 with in-house software and can bring all of this together to develop a site which delivers for both you and your customers.

Sales Outlets

As someone wishing to develop an ecommerce site, it can be taken for granted that you’re always on the lookout for more customers and better channels via which to reach them. Magento 2 can integrate seamlessly with channels such as Amazon, EBay and Play, allowing you to access potentially vast markets via the site which we create for you. Not only does Magento 2 broaden your commercial horizons, it keeps things simple, allowing you to access products, sales and financial information via a single log in.

Project Management

If you have a provider whom you deal with for your business, we’ll take over the task of dealing with them whilst building your Magento 2 website. Integration and project management are our fields of expertise, leaving you free to concentrate on running the rest of your business whilst we work with your provider to build a site capable of taking you to the next level.

A Magento Agency

Stovin is a Magento 2 Agency, specialising on using the platform to build ecommerce websites. The degree of expertise around Magento 2 which we have developed over the years allows us to handle the process seamlessly from start to finish. We’ll work with you on the brief, capturing exactly what you want your site to reflect, and then we’ll build, integrate and support it. Throughout the process, we never lose sight of the main aim, which is to use Magento 2 to deliver commercial results for the people who work with us.