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Having crafted your site we offer comprehensive support to ensure that your ecommerce business is always online.

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Nothing in the world of ecommerce is more expensive and damaging than downtime, and that’s why the support we offer is so vital. Our experts will be on hand whenever you have a problem, ensuring that your ecommerce business doesn’t spend valuable time offline, waiting for someone who’s not an expert to figure out a solution.

General Support

As Magento 2 experts, Stovin realise that our clients might need support and advice simply to make sure that they get the very best out of their site, rather than because something has gone wrong. Throughout the process of putting your site together, and then after it goes live, we’ll be on hand to offer support and advice aimed at ensuring you enjoy the best possible Magento 2 experience.


The ultimate test of any Magento 2 website boils down to how commercially successful it is. We’ll ensure you stay fully on top of the bottom line of your site by running a variety of tests designed to monitor the rate of conversion from visitor to customer, and to make the changes needed to maximise this conversion.

Customer Support Portal

If you want to know more about Magento 2, and in particular about what working with Magento 2 experts could do for your business, then contact us today via the website, email, telephone or through Twitter. However you reach us, we’ll be happy to explain how we could work for you.