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My religion

The religion is called circleism and those that follow it are known as circles.

🔥 Fire – Moses

Moses spoke to god through a burning bush and led his people by a pilar of fire. A pilar of fire also aided his peoples escape.

Moses taught me to work for myself.

Share the heating and expense with others in your family, church or tribe.


💧 Water – Jesus

Jesus did many miracles with water such as walking on water, turning water into wine and water came out of his body when he was stabbed by the spear of destiny. Those that follow him are baptised in water.

Jesus taught me forgiveness.

Walk on water. Carry a water bottle and save on buying expensive drinks.


⛰️ Earth – Mohammed

Mohammed climbed a mountain and conquered much land as a prophet.

Mohammed taught me to fight for my own soil.
Use Mohammed’s sword, think sharpe and Pray five times a day. Forage and hunt. Use halal chicken manure to enrich soil. 


💨 Air – Buddha

Buddha only eat seeds that blew in the wind.

Buddha taught me karma.

Grow your own food.


💗 Love – Lee 

Lee is the Christ of god and works with the fifth element to show many women love as well as saving the animals 🐘 .
Lee teaches to look after Nature.

Let your girlfriends work for you to save you money