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The frustration of why can’t I teleport

The frustration of why can’t I teleport

While on my escape from Saint Catherine’s mental hospital I made my way up the hills of Sheffield and came across these circle that had what to plant set into the pavement. I sat in the circle and crossed my legs trying to teleport. It really frustrated me that I had seen people teleport in mental hospital yet I couldn’t do it. I came across these lads at a skate park and on talking to them the boys eyes turned from blue to purple in front of me. I then decided to make my way to Leeds to stay at a Leeds stripclub for the night and give some of the strippers my air blowing orgasms.

Later on recaptured I saw one the nurses eyes turn from light blue to dark blue when I told him I had bought a lottery ticket and then her the sound effects of a fruit machine play as well as a shot gun. The nurse said hear them jackpot noises we will be getting bonus’s.