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White Label Digital Consultant

White Label Digital Consultant

When you run a business, particularly if it’s a business which you’ve started from scratch and built up yourself, there’s a natural tendency to think that you have to do everything yourself. After all, nobody in the world knows your business quite as well as you do, and nobody really cares about it like you do.

The problem with this kind of thinking, however, is that it can lead to you being punished by the very success you’re seeking. The bigger your business becomes, the more bogged down you get in the day to day machinations of running it, and the less able you are to step back and take a strategic overview. And without that strategic overview, you won’t be able to take the decisions to move up to the next level. By trying to manage, you end up micro-managing and not really managing at all.

The key to getting round this problem, of course, is delegation, and surrounding yourself with the kind of people you can trust to deal with the details, while you take charge of the big picture stuff.

There’s a limit to the number of people you can practically employ, however, and also the tricky question of finding just the right people to work with, which is where utilising the services of a white label digital agency like Stovin comes in.

Digital Strategy

You’re digital strategy is key to the success of your business. An online presence is no longer an optional extra, or even an addition to your marketing approach. Don’t look at things from your own point of view; look at them from the viewpoint of someone who’s thinking of using your services or buying your products. They’ve found you via a Google search, or stumbled across a tweet you sent out or a blog post on another site. As far as they’re concerned, your digital presence is everything.

It’s who and what you are and it’s what you can do for them.  That’s why it needs to be placed firmly in the hands of professionals, people who know the digital world just as well as you know your own.

People like Stovin.

White Label

When I work with a business I seamlessly integrate my services with theirs.  White label products are generally defined as those which are created by one company and then purchased by a second, who will then rebrand the products as their own.  As a definition, its simple enough to understand, but saying that we operate as a white label digital agency only tells part of the story. We don’t see the work we do for you are our work, we see it as yours, from beginning to end.

The Process

The first part of the process is for us to get to know you completely. We learn about your business from top to bottom so that every piece of work we produce on your behalf speaks in your voice and is framed with your viewpoint. Your digital strategy has to encompass who you are and what makes you unique, and when you employ Lee Stovin I become a part of your business, as aware of who you are as anyone else who works with you, but with a difference.

The difference is that we bring our own expertise in digital marketing. You know who you are, we know how to turn that into a website. You know what you do, we know how to brand that offer. You know what makes you unique, we know how to craft a social media message that puts your business in front of the people who need to hear that message.

We don’t view the work we do for you as our work, we view it as yours. A Stovin digital strategy is the strategy of the business we create it for, and we invest as heavily in the results as you do.

When you use us as a white label digital agency, your workforce is suddenly expanded and improved – you’ve now got a SEO expert in the office, and a copywriter crafting every press release, blog post and Facebook entry. You’ve also employed a social media guru, not to mention technicians with years of experience of working with Magento and WordPress.  As far as the really important people – your customers – are concerned, the results we produce for you will be your work and your work only. In fact, they won’t even notice your revised, improved and expanded digital strategy. They won’t notice it because they’ll be too busy buying what you’re selling.