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Stovin Advertising the home place of web design, SEO, PPC management and model escorts

Welcome to my marketing agency where we specialize in creative design, SEO, Adwords management and web design. We aim to be a family ran agency, model & marketing agency based in Doncaster, ran by myself Lee Stovin and freelance marketing consultants. Lee is a specialist in SEO, Adwords and social media.

Our culture

We’re not your typical marketing, design and digital agency. We work hard to save the environment too. We aim to be a family run unit managing our marketing agency from home in Doncaster. Support our business as a client as our culture is better for the environment and is more sustainable.

Follow the religion

The religion is called circleism and those that follow it are known as circles.

🔥 Fire – Moses

Moses spoke to god through a burning bush and led his people by a pilar of fire. A pilar of fire also aided his peoples escape.

Moses taught me to work for myself.

Share the heating and expense with others in your family, church or tribe.


💧 Water – Jesus

Jesus did many miracles with water such as walking on water, turning water into wine and water came out of his body when he was stabbed by the spear of destiny. Those that follow him are baptised in water.

Jesus taught me forgiveness.

Walk on water. Carry a water bottle and save on buying expensive drinks.


⛰️ Earth – Mohammed

Mohammed climbed a mountain and conquered much land as a prophet.

Mohammed taught me to fight for my own soil. 

Use Mohammed’s sword 🗡️ (green technologies), Make efficient halal soil with truly zero enemy casualties and non believing servants of the right hand possesses recruited. Keep Mohammed’s chicken. 


💨 Air – Buddha

Buddha only eat seeds that blew in the wind.

Buddha taught me impermanence .

Grow your own food. Stay close to your house that way you can pick berries 🏡.


💗 Love – Lee 

Lee is the Christ of god and works with the fifth element to hope to show five girlfriends love as well as saving the animals . He had sex with many concubines and gave many women an orgasm when he blew at them.

Lee teaches to look after Nature.

Circle women only have children to circle men. Take up to five girlfriends ‍♀️


Follow the religion at www.circleism.org

Doncaster model agency

A professional business class escort service serving Yorkshire.

Entering a business environment alone can feel like a lonely and soulless experience for many, this can have a negative effect on both confidence and how much you’ll gain from the situation. Typically, when you’re at a business event or occasion it’s in an unfamiliar setting with complete strangers. Many business professionals reveal that when they share the experience, they feel more confident, more engaged and enjoy themselves so much more. This is incredibly important if business plays a big part of your life.

So, what is the solution to make business events and occasions in Yorkshire more enjoyable and less lonely? Business class escorts of course. You might be surprised just how many other professionals are using a service just like this one.

Our escorts are discreet, respectful and know how to act in a professional setting – making them the perfect companion to accompany you to events. It’s no secret that taking a beautiful woman to events typically dominated by men leaves a lasting impression, oozes confidence and builds a picture of success without even having to say anything. Many professionals have been using this ‘advantage’ for years, don’t miss out on a trick!


How can our business class escorts help you?


Our business class escorts are well versed to work in a variety of business environments so they can be called upon in many situations. Their aim is to keep you company, raise your profile and make sure that you make the most out of every opportunity.


Our business class escorts work well as:

Personal assistants

Do you need a personal assistant to accompany you for the day in Yorkshire? Like to mix your business and pleasure? Our escorts are the perfect solution to keep your day organised, so you’ve got more time to have fun once you are off the clock.



Yorkshire is a great place to do business and with that comes many networking opportunities. It can be daunting going to a networking event alone (especially when you don’t know anyone who will be attending) so why not break the ice by being accompanied by one of our experienced business class escorts.



Don’t go it alone – our business class escorts are the perfect company for exhibitions!



Need a model that really looks the part? Our beautiful business class escorts all have model potential and are waiting to be shown off at your chosen business event.

Doncaster models


Lee has been a great outsourcer for when we have extra work in-house. We would definitely recommend him to other agencies or clients direct.

Pierce England
Commence Marketing

We are a Full Service Creative Design & Digital Marketing Agency Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire specialising in search engine optimisation. Our creative services that we Specialise in are Web Design and Branding. The Digital services that we specialise in are SEO, PPC and CRO.

We are very passionate about SEO, web design and digital marketing. Our aim is simple: to deliver web design solutions. Whether it is a new website, a redesign of an existing web site or a full rebrand we have a fantastic team of web designers & developers that can help. The key services that we offer our clients are web design, SEO and Adwords management.

Powered by growing a garden

We keep our costs down by growing our own food. We also grow flowers 🌺, trees 🌳 and support Ecosia as our recommended search engine of choice. We advise clients to grow some of their own food from home.

WordPress and Woocommerce Specialists.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. Stovin Advertising is a professional WordPress web design Agency based in Doncaster. We provide WordPress web design development and support services.

Powering up to 30% of all e-commerce stores, Woocommerce is fast becoming the ecommerce website framework for small to large sized businesses. Woocommerce is a simple to use online shop that provides everything needed to sell online.
Stovin Advertising is a dedicated Woocommerce agency providing design, development and woocommerce support.


We design professional looking WordPress websites for businesses throughout the world. We are passionate about WordPress and helping businesses use it. Looking for a new website  based on the worlds most popular CMS? We can help. Speak to us today.



We design and develop Woocommerce websites that are powerful ecommerce solutions that are optimised for conversions. Woocommerce is a very powerful ecommerce platform that can help your business grow.


First you need brand identity from £1000

First you need brand identity. Have three professional logos designed by one of our designers.

Second we create design concepts from £2000

Second we work to produce design concepts in png format with reasonable amount of changes before the designs are finalised.

Stage three: Web development from £8000

We develop and program your website into WordPress or bespoke websites.

Stage four: Add ecommerce from £1000

We provide ecommerce shops on different platforms from woocommerce to shopify.

SEO from £700 per month

We provide SEO campaigns for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck duck go, Ecosia and dogpile comprising of:

        • Technical support
        • Security updates
        • Link building
        • Link earning
        • Content Marketing
        • On site optimisation

Digital marketing services for hire from £90k per year

Lee offers his services on retainer remotely. This includes the following skill set

      • SEO
      • Google, Bing ads and Facebook ads management
      • Social media
      • Graphic design
      • Web design

Welcome to our religion

Welcome to circleism. Learn about Lee the Christ and the five elemental prophets. We are a new religion founded by prophet Lee. Learn more about the religion at www.circleism.org

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