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Many businesses are tempted to save money and cut corners by purchasing an off the peg web design and then tweaking a few details to fit their profile. This is a serious mistake, however, since your website is almost invariably the first point of contact which prospective customers will have with your business. Money spent on a bespoke, tailor made website shouldn’t be regarded as an expense, it should be thought of as an investment, and one which will be repaid many times over.

At Stovin we cover every aspect of marketing and branding and we’ll combine that expertise with technical know-how when it comes to designing your website. We’ll begin by getting to know your business inside out, learning what you do and how you go about doing it and then creating a visual style which is a clear reflection of this ethos. Then our web design team will set about turning this vision into a reality. We’ll build a website which looks fantastic, reflects your business and, most importantly, works smoothly. We create sites which pull in visitors, encourage these visitors to stay and explore and then make it easy to move from exploring to purchasing. We understand that the best looking site in the world is of no use if it doesn’t improve the bottom line, and a return on investment is something we always deliver to our clients.

More than ever before, people are visiting websites via portable, hand-held devices, and our web designs reflect this, being responsive enough to work well no matter how they’re being accessed. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your web design requirements and explain exactly what we can do for you. Your online presence is far too important to leave to chance – make sure you get it exactly right by putting it in our hands.

Special offer

Five page WordPress website only £500

Then £80 per month to cover domain name registration, hosting, support, maintenance and SEO.

Ideal for:

  • Builders
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Joiners and carpenters
  • Musicians
  • Accountants



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